Annalisa Furnari

Temporary and prolonged condition

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My artistic search is strongly related to human aspect. I am interested in the history and the way in which the experience becomes memory. The prospect of what at times, is pure feeling. In this respect, I often investigate on the aspect of the more visible and known issue that is the "common place", which to become stereotyped, it always need a truth on which develop itself and remain.
In this Project site specific in Germany I would investigate the concept of a memory that is the root of this time, but it is also reason why, motivation, and connection with the contemporary reality, above all in this precise historical moment in which it expresses its urgency and necessity. Emigration. The urgent need to deal with this topic theme born from a condition of global economic crisis, in which some countries are interested in a special way, such as Italy, in a situation of great difficulty, of job instability, which sees once again on the horizon the need to emigrate. A look to the history of Germany in relation to its economic and social, development, and important relationships with my country, through the memory absorbed by others stories.
I was girl when in the 1970s, I heard speak of emigration, about big dreams of economic enrichment. Dreams from which people cannot regardless because mere primary needs, dreams that they asked pain, remoteness, solitude. Italian emigration in Germany was featured by a swirling model which reflected at the same time the projects of a large part of the protagonists but also the attitude of migration policy of Germany which just in the years of maximum influx of immigrants, defined itself, not country of immigration, but of "temporary and prolonged stay " of guest workers intended to return to their countries. Workers that soon understood that the accumulation of the capital was not possible to make in a short time, and many of them chose to extend his stay. Men, for the most part, deprived of schooling and unaware of the language and local habits; men that led a restrained life deliberately and withdrawn because they thought they were not finally settle abroad; the aim, was to buy a house in place of origin. The Italian emigrant didn’t learn the German, if not the essential elements, believing they must not serve in the long.
We find in these years, elements that have marked the first decades of presence of Italians in Germany, the same that mark today, in forms very much similar the life of foreign immigrants in Italy and in other countries: Inadequacy of the infrastructure housing, and the education system, the discrimination xenophobic, the hostility of the media, the language barrier, the precariousness of life, the lack of equal opportunities.
History shows its characteristics and its facts. They can draw more than to the signs and the memory…perhaps a truth: that often the history repeats itself, around the same need.
For this reason, I decided to call the project Temporary and prolonged condition. This concept contains in itself a constant meaning that brings together the past and present. Every work conceived the project will have the same title.

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Annalisa Furnari

Temporary and prolonged condition


Annalisa Furnari, born in Milan on 1969.,
- Degree to the Academy of Visual Arts of Catania -
Lives and works in Milan


2010 Kuenstlerdorf Schöppingen Fellowship, Schöppingen - Germany

Soma Summer Residency Program, Mexico City -

Conference/ workshop
2006 Isidem workshop, cooperation with Artur Zmijewski,
Montevergini Civic Contemporary Gallery, Siracusa, 2006

Solo show

2010 “ Comuni luoghi di festa” Ciocca Arte contemporanea Milano

2002 "Gioco-Giogo" Artecontemporanea Gallery, Catania

2001 "Stanza d'autore" Albergo Museo Atelier sul Mare, Fiumara d'Arte Foundation,
Castel di Tusa (Me)
1997 "Luoghi d'origine" Convento de Padri Passionisti, Accademia degli Incolti,
Monte Argentario, Porto S. Stefano (Grosseto)
"Blu" Fuoricentro Gallery,Castelnuovo di Porto, Roma

Collective shows

2008 “Videoakt – international video show” GloagauAir Art Center, Berlin.

2007 “” Montevergini Civic Contemporary Gallery, Siracusa.

" Project Room, a show without works" Spazio Lima, Milan/La box Bourges,
Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'art de Bourges.

2004 " Gemine Muse International" Benaki Museum Atene

2003 "Anteprima Napoli" XIV Quadiennale d'Arte di Roma. Palazzo Reale, Napoli