Annabelle Ng

Interactive instrument of rainwater filtration.



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A50f4b085fcec7889278538fcc325fdb1389532997 I will begin with an idea of interactive instrument of rainwater filtration. The drinkable filtered water gives a basic meaning of entity, serves as a gift to all in an art space.
Embracing rainwater manifest the sentimental value towards the unexpected nature, which happen in random matter, an essential substance that we have to wait for.
Rainwater adapting to the layers of absorbance, permeates through the passage of purification.
The significant of the instrument performed as dripping rain of intervals in dynamic modulations.
Produce the sound of dripping rain in sequence and the pumping system as part of the installation portray the idea of cycle and revolution, conduct as a functional intervention to interact with the audience.
The production concept and the interactive role appear as an icon of industrialization, which provides the essential needs of life. Provides a spur of biological experience to trigger the notion of appreciation and the source of the origins.


My work is initiated by the emotional touch of personal memories, and these I use collectively to express my journey of self-exploration, including my melancholies, and many stories untold to others. Although the work begins with the personal, this connects to the wider concerns of the contemporary, from the gender politics that come from my background to environmental concerns.

With each individual work, I experience and react to the environment and gradually transform this inspiration into creative space. Combining different media, my recent practice focuses on the phenomenological sensory experience of sound combined with the visual. Each completed work begins the evolution of the next idea, the metamorphoses of the progression inherent in the work is the essential meaning. Each work continues into the future as the beginning of many possibilities.

I am developing my work to include audience participation, so that the viewer is integral to the work and by interacting with the work uncovers the hidden meanings. My work draws on many sources, from the chance encounter with the quotidian beauty of the disregarded mechanism to the ambient sound of the city and the wonder of the collision of aural textures. The work is indebted to the contemporary environment, and at the same time sees the value of the layers of history and memory within the city.

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Annabelle Ng

Interactive instrument of rainwater filtration.



I was born in Penang, Malaysia in 1982 and currently based in Penang, Malaysia. I studied B.Mus. (Hons) Performance Art, Classical Music, majoring in Piano before I enrolled Fine Art Course at Malaysian Institute of Art. I then moved to the UK for a year to undertake study for BA (hons) Fine Art at University Wales Institute Cardiff.
I have exhibited in both solo and group exhibitions and was awarded 1st Prize at the Iskandar Malaysia Contemporary Art Show in 2009, and in 2010 I was included in the major publication detailing the collection of Aliya and Farouk Khan (Malaysian Contemporary Art), published by Bandar Raya Development Bhd.
In my work I use a range of techniques and methodologies to pursue the concepts that concern me. Recent work involves the use of equipment to produce sound, ranging from deconstructed audio equipment playing specially composed music, to the use of everyday electric equipment as sound producing elements. This is in addition to my use of techniques of assemblage within installations since 2008. I am also introducing a performative element in the work.


2013 13 Rebirth, The Warehouse, Penang, Malaysia.

2013 12, The Warehouse, Penang, Malaysia.

2012 Weya, Art Event, Nottingham, UK.

2012 Songsang, Group Exhibition, Chandan Gallery KL.

2012 IN-SONORA VII, interactive sound art event, Madrid Spain.

2012 Interpritations:formation begins, Group Exhibition, Maps KL

2011 Collective Exhibition, Atelierhaus, Akademie der Bildenden Kunst, Vienna

2011 Kernel Festival 2011, Villa Tittoni, Traversi, Desio, Italy.

2011 Locals Only, Group Exhibition, Taksu Gallery

2010 Switch On, Media Art Festival, KL Performing Arts Centre.

2010 18@8, Group Exhibition, Weiling Gallery.

2010 Deadline, Group Exhibition, Annexe Gallery.

2010 Group Exhibition, Blue Radison, Cardiff, UK.

2009 The Blank Page, Group Exhibition, WeiLing Gallery.

2009 Iskandar Malaysia Contemporary Art Show 2009(IMCAS), group exhibition, Danga City Mall, Johor Baru.

2008 153 Experimental Art exhibition, Group Exhibition, MIA Ampang.

2008 Yayasan Selangor, Group Exhibition, Shah Alam Gallery.

2008 Swash to Swarm, group exhibition, Findars Space, Annexe Central Market.

2008 Fineart group show, They Art Studio, Annexe Central Market.

2008 Phrase of Journey, Solo Exhibition, Findars Space, Annexe Central Market.